But I just saw four dogs in one minute so I’m heppy :-)

rumors is maybe the most annoying place in the entire city and I will never get over the week they ran out of money



lupe fiasco is on twitter telling people he will charge them $500 for a custom verse

five hundred dollars, cash

"you can always get Jordan’s and weed but your very own personal verse tho? just saying…just saying…"

that’s it

that’s the post

Then Kid Cudi called him out and asked him what he’s planning on doing with the money and tried to raise his jig. Then Lupe asked Kid Cudi how much it costs to manufacture his new shoe compared to the retail price.



living in a hypersexualized world is actually very spiritually exhausting and alienating 



why yall always getting tina started like she’s not a chihuahua chaos dog


is it not the truth though

like ask your dumb ass questions if you must just don’t be surprised when everyone’s mad they have to spell shit out for you and if you don’t understand to begin with why did you start speaking…..

xtjna “I don’t want to be racist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” get this shit out my face now

dualchainz me too i think some of us feel like we have to because it’s infuriating to know they have no clue what they’re talking about or what’s going on when the shit is right in their face and then they speak despite not knowing anything I try to ignore it most of the time but sometimes I can’t it makes me so crazy that I’m surrounded by people who are so clueless

I can’t believe when white people fuck up and then have to ask what they did wrong they don’t understand why you’re angry that you have to explain it to them? it’s a never ending stream of bullshit from them and it’s tiring to feel like you have to educate them all the time when that isn’t your job of course poc are tired and irritated with you